CTIO housing (Recintos)

Map showing CTIO/Gemini Facilities and Recinto

Map of CTIO grounds and recinto

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(all information presented here is unofficial, and represents only my own understanding as of Dec '99; please let me know of any errors or updates to this data)

Entry to La Isla recintos AURA has built a number of homes on the gated CTIO/Gemini compound overlooking La Serena. These houses are rented out to expatriate employees and their families.

There are currently 29 homes on the recinto, of which 7 (or 8?) are reserved for use by Gemini.

unit 6 The homes are built to US standards of size and construction (note that Chilean homes are generally smaller than typical US counterparts, while still containing the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms- ie individual rooms in most Chilean homes are usually **very** small).

view from unit 6 They are wired with both 120v and 220v AC outlets (US and Chile standard sockets, resp), and include hookups for telephone, internet, and English/Spanish cable TV (utilities and communications are included in the rental price).

All homes include basic furniture and kitchen appliances.

unit 19 (??)
unit 9 unit 18, exterior shot

Most have attractive yards with large trees and gardens (yard maintenance included).

unit 16

Units #7, 14, 26, 27, 28, and 29 are among those that have been designated for Gemini use. Of these, I was told that units 7, 27, 28, and 29 will become available during calendar year 2000- assignments will be arranged by Jim Kennedy (Gemini Operations Manager, Hilo).

see map (above) for unit locations

Unit# BR m2 sq ft US$ Notes
7 3 87 935 400 by entry guardhouse
14 4 127 1365 584 similar to #18
26 ? ? ? ? ?
27 4 180 1935 828 large spanish-style
28 & 29
3 125 1345 ? newest units (1999)

unit 7, near main entrance guardhouse Unit #7 (left) is the smallest (and least expensive)- it is located on the main entrance road, adjacent to the guard shack (in the background here)... this would be the best location for one wishing to keep track of everyone's movements(!)

unit 14 Unit #14 (right) is one of the older units, built on the same plan as Unit #18 (see interior shots below). Note however that Unit 18 has had some additions and modifications- AURA will pay for approved modifications to an existing unit.

unit 18- hallway unit 18 bedroom Interior shots of the central hall (left), and bedroom (right) of Unit #18.

unit 26

Unit #26 (right) is currently occupied, and is not expected to become available during calendar 2000-

looking down on unit 27, from unit 28 unit 27

unit 27 driveway Unit #27 is one of the larger homes (>1900 sq ft), 4 bedrooms, and (according to one source) will be available for occupancy after June, 2000 (??). I did not see the interior, but it appears to be very nicely done, in a sturdy "Spanish" style. It has a very good view over the city, and good privacy, however it is on the hillside immediately overlooking the busy street of Cisternas (30-40 ft above streetlevel?), and traffic noise *may* be a concern. The construction appears solid enough, that this may not be a real problem.

unit 28 Units #28 & #29 are the newest homes, completed in 1999. They have identical floor plans (1350 sq ft), with very large carports, and were constructed side-by-side (#28 closest to the street, shown at right), directly across from the tennis court & swimming pool, and overlooking Unit #27.

Unit #29 is directly behind #28 (away from the street)- its driveway is just visible to the left of Unit #28, in the photo at right.

unit 29 (similar to #28) unit 29 view of unit 28 Here is Unit #29 (left), and its view of Unit #28 (looking toward the street and tennis court, right)

unit 29 view (over unit #27) unit 28- view from yard Both units have very nice views over La Serena (and the roof of Unit #27)-

unit 28

unit 28 I had the opportunity to photograph the interior of Unit #28-

unit 28- living room unit 28- dining room

unit 28- breakfast nook and kitchen unit 28- entertainment room

unit 28- kitchen unit 28- entryway

unit 28- garage (large!) unit 28- laundryroom

unit 28- main bathroom unit 28- bedroom #1

unit 28- bedroom #2 unit 28- master bedroom

unit 28- master bedroom unit 28- master bathroom

unit 28- master bathroom unit 28- looking from entertainment room toward kitchen

unit 28- living room unit 28- view from living room