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All these images were taken with my new Konica Q-Mini digital camera- a marvelous little device that I got for $250 thru SurplusAuction. My own review of this camera can be found below.

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March 1998

Keck Observatory



The Q-Mini is a great replacement for a standard film "pocket camera". The outdoor colors are fantastic (indoor lighting results in somewhat strange colors tho). The resolution is pretty good in "fine" mode, and very nearly just as good in "medium". It comes with a 2mb CompactFlash card, which will hold 11 fine or 22 medium resolution images. I purchased a 16mb card ($140), which gives me 97 fine or 195 medium images (!!!).

I find myself taking many more pics than I ever would with a film camera, because I can view them immediately on the LCD display, erase them singly or all at once, and download them to my laptop in just a few minutes. Getting them onto the web is just another few keystokes. I like it!

It doesn't have zoom capability :( but has a great macro (as close as 1", one key on your keyboard will nearly fill the image!). Built-in flash and fixed focus, it also has +/- 4 stops of exposure control.

It takes 3x AAA batteries, so you can re-fuel at the local mini-mart, but it does eat those batteries up! I'm using rechargeable NiMH's from RatShack, which are pricey, but have tremendous capacity. A set lasts maybe 60 pics before recharging(?)

The Q-Mini comes with cable, Adobe PhotoDelux, and a Twain driver, to download the pics to your computer. PhotoDelux is an excellent novice program for manipulating and re-touching images- unfortunately, it can only download a single image at a time (using the supplied Twain driver), which is a **REAL** pain in the butt! I found that Ulead's iPhoto Plus (which came with my Umax scanner) could download 9 images at one button push, which is immensely faster and less awkward. You may also need to get the latest version of the Twain driver, from the Konica web site.

The Q-Mini also comes with a cable that allows you to plug directly into a VCR or TV/monitor, so that you can view your pics directly on your TV- they look great on a 27" screen.

BTW- there is a really great website, PCPhotoForum, which has tips and reviews, user reviews, and pointers to the best deals, to help you choose which digital camera you might want to buy. Highly recommended.

Most of these images are "fine resolution" and have not been re-touched. The "Playback Theatre" images are all "medium" resolution, and most of them needed to be cropped, so the resolution may look unusually poor.

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